An important consideration: mobile traffic

When we first sat down with Nottingham Steel, we asked them who their target market was. The answer was that they had 3 personas that they usually dealt with: the architect, the direct-to-consumer builder and the larger construction firm. They said they did a huge proportion of their business through their relationships with local, smaller scale builders and so they wanted something that would engage them as well as high-end architects and construction firms.

The everyday builder lives a pretty hectic lifestyle. They’ll usually be up at the crack of dawn to pick up their supplies for the day and make sure things are ordered for the days ahead. Because they’re on the move a lot, we took a gamble and bet that the majority of them would be browsing on their phone.

We were right, with roughly 70% of the website’s traffic coming from mobile, we knew we had to make sure that it was easy to browse on a mobile.