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Building a design-led brand for a sub-division of our client’s company.

One of our clients saw a new niche of the office design market emerging and wanted us to design a website to engage potential customers within this niche.

The niche they spotted was in up and coming agencies that wanted to create a unique office space that their staff enjoyed. With the explosion, in particular in social media agencies, they needed a brand that resonated with them a bit better than the more corporate ACI website.

We designed a new brand from the ground up — from logo design and brand colours, right through to the final website build and case study collateral.

mobile beautiful.

The demographic that comes to mind when it comes to digital agencies is ‘millennials’ and there’s nothing our generation seem to enjoy more than sitting on their phones and avoiding social interaction!

For that reason, the mobile website had to stand out and look brilliant in its own right.

Our main focus when it came to the overall design was to keep things simple and focus the users attention on one part at a time, in this case, the case study image.

guiding the user.

We spoke to the client at length about how they saw the flow of the website, from the user landing on the site, to them making the phone call. We both agreed that the main thing that users would want to do would be to check out the work that they’d already done.

For this reason, we made the main call to action a clear button that took the user to the case studies area.

We also built a button for the user to request a callback that followed them as they scrolled through the website which has been a great success.

making them look good.

The work that Office Design Company do really is fantastic. They design the kinds of working environments that you’d usually expect to find in the Silicon Valley and so we really wanted to emphasise this with the site.

The case studies area was categorised so that users could quickly and easily find the types of case studies that they were interested in and the interface was kept uncluttered.

Once the user clicks through to a case study, we kept the text to a minimum and focused on using large, high-res images of the project so that the potential customer could really get an idea of the quality of work they could expect.

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