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Influencer Marketing Agency

We specialise in helping ecommerce brands get in front of new audiences through micro-influencers

Generate revenue with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing for ecom brands that want to get and stay ahead

The trust and desire that a good influencer marketing campaign can create for ecommerce brands is unrivalled in our opinion. Having the right influencer mention your brand on their socials can drive huge amounts of revenue and brand awareness, especially when your influencer campaign is strategic rather than the spray and pray tactics you see used more commonly.

Our team delivers a huge amount of value at every step of the influencer journey:


Finding the right influencers that have a shared audience with your ideal target market is the most important step. We verify that audiences are real and that the influencers we put forward have legitimate interaction.

Relationship building

A good influencer relationship is one that's mutually beneficial and long term. Ideally, we want influencers to trust us and to become a partner for your brand, we don't just want them to post a story and never speak to them again.


Choosing the right time for the post and helping the influencer craft the right creative is vital to the success of the campaign. Our influencer management team helps in this regard.


We need to know that the influencer is driving the right traffic and key results for your business. We like to base every campaign on key performance indicators so that we get a clear idea of this.

We offer a range of influencer services, including one-off target influencer lists, influencer strategy documents and completely done-for-you services.

Why Imaginaire?

Simple pricing

An easy to understand price for whatever you need us to do. We don't charge per placement, we prefer a fixed, predictable cost for you.

Our own platform

We've built our own influencer platform, meaning we can organise campaigns with ease and hit the ground running with existing relationships.

Small team

We're a small agency, meaning you get a personal level of service, care and attention with a dedicated executive for your account.

Let's start influencing

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