National SEO Services To Vastly Increase Website Traffic

For companies looking to develop national awareness for their products and services

Oyster Packaging

How we helped Oyster Retail Packaging grow their traffic by a huge 415% with a national SEO campaign.

Filter Services (SEO)

How we generated over 1,500 leads for Filter Services with a national SEO campaign.

If your company deals with customers across the UK, then our national search engine optimisation (SEO) service is for you.

National SEO involves finding keywords that are searched for in large volumes each month, giving you the potential to drastically increase the traffic your website receives and, ultimately, the amount of business you get from it.

It’s worth noting that, with the higher search volumes involved with national SEO, there also tends to be a much higher level of competition meaning that more work is required to make the campaign a success.

We’ve listed below some of the key components of an SEO campaign operating on a national level.


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Keyword Research

One of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is in-depth planning in the early stages. One of the first things we do is what’s called keyword research.

Keyword research is about finding out what people are searching for with regards to the service you offer.

We usually start by finding the highly searched for and sought after search terms and then drill down further to find less competitive terms to give what we call ‘quick wins’.

Once we’ve found the relevant keywords, we can build a plan of how we’ll integrate them into either your existing website, or into a new website built by us.

KPI Definitions

In the planning stage, we’ll also agree several key performance indicators with you so that both sides can keep track of how the campaign is performing.

Sometimes, the key performance indicators of a national campaign can be as simple as keyword rankings, website visitors and enquiries. In other cases, there can be a lot more KPIs; this will largely depend on your specific business.

Starting out on the right foot is important to us at Imaginaire Digital as it means we both understand each other from the get-go. It’s in line with our OH! Culture.

Website Optimisations

If you have a website that you’d like us to work with, we’ll get in and make sure that everything is optimised fully for the search engines from a technical perspective. This means we’ll ensure that the content features the planned keywords, that there are no duplicate content issues and that your website is being indexed correctly by the search engines.

We’ll also carry out optimisations such as making headlines more engaging to inspire higher click through rates from search engine results pages.

Content Plan

Developing fresh content not only engages your website visitors, but it also encourages other websites to link to you. Earning high quality backlinks is a key component of any SEO campaign and is vitally important for a national campaign.

For this reason, we plan the content we’d like to produce for at least the next 3 months.

Generally, we’ll take an industry and expand it to give us ideas for content that will be engaging for users. A good example of this would be a car park… There’s not many people that would take joy out of reading about car parks, so we’d expand the topic to include cars, giving us plenty to write about.

Authority Building

Every website has a certain level of authority for a topic in the eyes of a search engine and one of the key ways that they determine your website’s authority is by looking at which websites are linking back to you.

One of the reasons that we produce content for your website is because it creates an asset that other websites want to link to, thus building your authority.

As well as developing content, we’ll reach out to other website owners and bloggers to tell them about your content. This helps encourage them to link back to your website.

We’ll also ensure that you’re listed on industry/niche directories and any relevant places that your competitors are listed.

Building the authority of your website is an ongoing process that’s vital to ranking for lucrative national search terms.

Monitoring & Reporting

Once everything is in place with regards to your website and content strategy, we’ll ensure that we’re monitoring the KPIs that we agreed effectively and reporting the progress of your campaign.

As well as providing you with monthly reports, your account manager will be in touch regularly to give context to the reports. They will also arrange quarterly review meetings with you to go through what we’ve achieved and what’s next when it comes to your national SEO campaign.

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