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How SEO and PR work together to craft the optimal marketing campaign

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From optimising web pages to contacting a media professional, SEO and PR experts wear a number of different hats, some of which overlap throughout a companies marketing strategy. Covering a range of different roles, strategies and solutions, these tasks are designed to put businesses in front of their customers and enhance their campaigns and content. But how does SEO and PR work together and how can marketers use these two methods in conjunction to excel marketing efforts?

How does PR impact SEO performance?

Backlinks and collaboration

The majority of PR today consists of Digital PR, focusing on online content and media channels. During a digital PR campaign, one of the main objectives will be to agree on and find backlink opportunities, whether that’s through a link insertion, guest post, directory or quote. This then has a positive impact on SEO as it contributes to a sites backlink strategy and builds authority amongst search engines.

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Domain authority

Every website that is indexed will receive a score from Google which indicates the quality of content and the strength of the backlink profile. The more content and backlinks acquired, the higher the score, however it is important to ensure that these links are of good quality and you’re not just focusing on quantity.

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Improving CTR

Research has shown that brand awareness significantly improves CTR in search results and one of the best ways to get a brand recognised is to use PR. More than 50% of searches typically end up without generating a single click which is an issue for SEO, as even optimised pages may not generate any traffic. The higher the brand awareness, the more likely it is that customers will recognise a brand name and click on their site.

Events and content

There are a wide range of different PR strategies available, some of which naturally create supporting content and ideas that can further be used for websites, blogs, social media content and marketing materials. PR events for example work directly with SEO as they offer the opportunity for new content to be published, featuring keywords, imagery and links. This content might also include competitions, collaborations and charity work.

How SEO can impact PR

Topics and keywords

Discovering topics that matter to your audience is crucial to ensure that content is relevant, worthy and informative. SEO supports PR strategies by conducting all the research in terms of keyword volume, search phrases and questions, influencing a PR strategy and helping with the vocabulary and language used.

Brand reputation

A key tool for SEO is Google’s Search Console, which shows the number of impressions and traffic of your website on Google. With this tool, marketers can analyse how many people search for your brand name in order to measure brand reputation.


By measuring the success of a website, marketers can use softwares such as Google analytics to measure, record and improve campaigns. Working alongside PR departments, SEO experts will use these results to to pin point issues or improvements and make amendments accordingly.

SEO solutions by Imaginaire

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