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UX design that helps your website convert better

We’ve been established since 2014 and, since then, have become pretty good at understanding what makes websites convert from a UX perspective. Our UX design agency specialises in helping brands improve their ecommerce stores so that they’re easier to use for customers and therefore convert at a higher rate than the typical benchmarks.

Our team of UX designers work primarily in Figma, allowing us to create details designs for key areas of your website, or even to help with a complete website redesign.

Our dedicated team of UX design professionals takes the time to understand your audience and their behaviours. This understanding forms the foundation of our designs, ensuring a user-focused approach that simplifies navigation and streamlines the buying process.

With Imaginaire, your ecommerce store evolves into more than just a marketplace—it becomes a seamless journey that begins at the first click and concludes with a satisfied customer who’s keen to return.

Importantly, our designs are responsive, providing a consistent shopping experience across all devices—be it mobiles, tablets, or desktops.

Interested in elevating your ecommerce store? Let’s chat. With Imaginaire, we blend excellent UX design with your business goals to create an online experience your customers will appreciate.

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