Imaginaire started life as The Imaginaire; since that, we did a ‘Facebook’ and dropped the ‘the’.

After many years of working in agencies, we had the overwhelming feeling that 1) we could do what they were doing for ourselves and 2) we could do it better for our customers.

Life gets busy, so we wanted to make everything we do as easy as possible for our customers. It’s the most common feedback that we get from our customers – that we just made things easy.

The ethos that underpins our agency is that everything we do should be open and transparent for our customers. Unfortunately, the digital marketing industry has been plagued over the years with companies that are there to make a quick buck. These companies would hide behind the ‘dark magic’ of digital marketing and do as little as possible, rarely providing results.

Our OH! (Open & Honest) culture is in place to prevent this. With every monthly account, we agree key performance indicators (KPIs) with you from the start, meaning we’re both on the same page about what’s important to your business. We’ll then provide monthly reports which tell you what we’ve done for our fees and the results that we’ve achieved for you. It’s the right way to do digital marketing and we’re committed to it.

We make no bones about it, we’re not a huge team. We handpick our staff based on their ambition, their technical ability or potential and their attitude to work. To us, there’s nothing that we can imagine (or, Imaginaire!) that would be worse than having a staff member that is technically gifted, but hates what they do. Our culture is about having fun while we work and having genuine enthusiasm for our customers and their websites.

Operating in this way has helped our business grow from a humble freelance business based out of a bedroom, to an agency which was recently recognised by Google as one of the fastest growing in the East Midlands.

Our relationships with our customers are hugely important to us and we’re grateful to be able to consider our clients as friends as well as business associates.

What makes Imaginaire tick?

Our OH! Culture

Our Open & Honest culture is something that all of our staff live by. We want to make things as transparent as possible for our customers and we’re dedicated to providing this through all of our services.

Whether you’ve been in touch with us about web design or digital marketing (including SEO and PPC), our OH! culture is a key part of the service.

You will know exactly what’s going on with your account, how it’s performing and what we have planned for the future.

This culture also transcends to how we treat our staff. We were paying the living wage before it became a legal requirement; it’s the right thing to do.

Our staff are engaged and enthusiastic about their work and this is thanks to our company culture of having fun while we work. Working this way means that our staff will always be motivated and enthusiastic about working on your website – and this translates to the success of your account and our company as a whole.

We Love Digital

We love digital as much as we love tea and biscuits! Our Managing Director, Seb, has been building websites since he was 14 and has always had a passion for taking websites from having zero visitors per day, to hundreds of visitors per day.

This is the same with all of our staff. We’re constantly reading up on new technologies and testing things out for ourselves. We’ve always wanted to be agile as a company and able to bring new products and services that will benefit our customers to the market before anybody else.

We invest in training our staff and ensuring that they attend conferences that will further their knowledge of digital. We firmly believe that an investment in our workforce is the best investment that we can make as a business.


During the lifetime of our company we’ve achieved some incredible results for our customers. Focusing our staff on achieving these results is what creates the vibrant atmosphere of our office and what, ultimately, leads to success for our customers.

Because of this focus on results and some truly incredible customers, we’ve been in a very lucky position to receive floods of referrals which have helped our agency grow.

Do you like our culture and want to see how it can benefit your business?

Call us and talk to a real person! 0115 971 8908

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