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About Imaginaire

Who are we and what makes our agency tick?

Nottingham & Proud Since 2014

We believe in helping small and medium businesses to compete and flourish online. To do that, we look after our staff and make sure their wellbeing is prioritised.

Established in 2014, we've been lucky to work with some fantastic clients both locally and across the rest of the UK from our base in Nottingham.

At our core is a compelling desire to help small and medium businesses to compete online and, once they're competing, flourish. We love a good David and Goliath story!

We're a small team ourselves, just 5 people working from a small studio in Sandiacre. Rather than chasing vanity metrics like headcount, we'd rather have a happy team doing work that they love and that, most importantly, our clients love.

Our focus isn't on busy work for the sake of work. We like to work with brands that we buy into and that have similar values to ours. Rather than boring you with jargon, we prefer to just focus on results and to let them do the talking.

Our core values


Honesty is at the heart of everything we do. If we can't do something, we tell you, no smoke and mirrors.


We do everything with excellence in mind. All of our staff are highly ambitious and motivated.

Growth Oriented

For our clients, our staff and our company. We're always learning and growing to be better.


Rather than trying to do absolutely everything, we focus on what we're good at and excel in it.

Our history

Started by Seb Dean, we began as a glorified freelance outfit with Seb running around the Midlands meeting new clients during the day and fulfilling the work at night. We began out of frustration with how the big agencies rotated staff and clients on an endless hamster wheel, without really caring for what happened to them once they left.

Seb wanted to build an agency that had long standing relationships with staff and clients and to create a feeling that we care.


The company was incorporated and Seb began to reach out to potential clients. By a stroke of luck, we managed to win some work, so Seb didn't have to go back to working for one of the big agencies.

We managed to win a lot of new clients over the first couple of years, most of which we still have ongoing relationships with today.


We decided to grow up and become a proper company. We moved into an office which we shared with a client and we hired our first member of staff, Charlie, who's still with us today and looks after the digital marketing side of the business.


Who'd have thought it. We stopped capping the number of clients we could work with due to having the resources to handle the work and the floodgates opened!

We hired Lee in November as our web developer and threw him in at the deep end of creating websites. Luckily for us, Lee is still here today and an integral part of the team.

We also hired a couple of writers after clients started wanting more and more content from us. Rachael heads up this side of things and does a fantastic job for us.


We continued to grow and, in December 2019, we were offered our own unit. A modern office studio, we jumped at the chance and decided to move in the following January.

Do we have to go into 2020?

After getting our office ready and having a great few months of working from there, COVID hit and we had to work from home for the majority of the year.

Thankfully, the business came through the pandemic unscathed and, with a lot of businesses wanting to do more online, we actually managed to post some good growth numbers.


We're all back in the office now, with the same hybrid working model that we had before. We've taken on a lot of new clients over the past year and we're currently recruiting for new team members to support our existing team.

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