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Our SEO service helps you get found by more customers when they’re searching online.

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Oyster Packaging

How we helped Oyster Retail Packaging grow their traffic by a huge 415% with a national SEO campaign.

Filter Services (SEO)

How we generated over 1,500 leads for Filter Services with a national SEO campaign.

Our SEO service helps you get found by customers online.

Generate more leads from your website with an Imaginaire SEO campaign. We’re an SEO agency in Nottingham that has been built on results.

Our SEO agency has helped companies across Nottingham, Derby and Leicester to build a systemised process for generating new leads and sales for their business.

Search Engine Optimisation is about finding what your target market is searching for when they are looking for a business like yours, then positioning you in front of them at that moment.

SEO is about gaining traffic from the organic (i.e. non-paid for) listings of Google and the other search engines.

Our range of SEO services offer a fantastic return on investment and help you find new customers when they’re ready to buy from you. We offer regular reporting and a dedicated consultant to ensure that your account runs smoothly and effectively.

We offer a completely free consultation for all new SEO projects where we’ll sit down with you and tell you how many people are searching for businesses like yours and how we can help you attract more of that traffic to your website. Click the button below to arrange your free quote today.


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Our SEO Process

The nuts and bolts that go into each and every one of our SEO campaigns

SEO Auditing

There are two parts to this:

The completely free initial SEO audit: during this we will take a look at how your website is set up currently, how well you’re ranking for industry terms in Google and Bing and we’ll make recommendations about the types of things our SEO experts would fix if you appointed us as your SEO company.

The technical SEO audit: when every new client comes on board with us, we get the team together to take an in-depth look at your website. As well as looking at it from a search engine optimisation perspective, we’ll look at how well it is optimised to convert website visitors into enquiries. Your account manager will then go through the findings with you and we will put together a written strategy for us to work from.

Being this thorough in the early stages is what sets us apart from our competition and it gets your SEO campaign started on the right foot.

Keyword Research & Planning

It’s no good doing lots of work on your website and getting it ranking highly in the search engines for phrases that people never search for.

That’s why at the start of every SEO campaign, we take the time to research which phrases to target thoroughly and we look at things like how many times the phrase is searched for each month.

Once we’re happy, we’ll plan out which pages of your website to optimise for which phrases and we’ll have a look at the competition that we’ll be dealing with.

This allows us to really hone the strategy and ensure that your SEO campaign is effective from day one.

We’ll also think about how we’re going to get other websites to link back to you. Links from other websites are seen as a vote of confidence by Google and the other search engines and, if they’re earned naturally, they can have a huge impact on your fortunes when it comes to ranking for search phrases.

We’re experts in producing SEO strategies for local and national companies to generate more website traffic and, ultimately, more business.


Once we’ve got an SEO strategy that we’re happy with and that the whole team is agreed is right for your business, your dedicated consultant will start working on implementing the plans and producing results for you.

We’re very lucky to have some of the most talented staff in the UK when it comes to SEO and you’ll benefit from our continued investment in a strong workforce.

Your consultant will bring in people from our web design department to ensure that the website is optimised for search from a technical ‘on-site’ perspective (i.e. all of the pages of your website are optimised for the phrases we researched earlier) and that we’re constantly looking for ways to gain exposure for your website by producing content and networking with other websites in your industry.

Measurement & Reporting

We’re proud of our OH! (Open & Honest) culture and it underpins everything we do. Our SEO service is no different, we want to make everything as transparent as possible – that’s why we measure so many things!

We don’t just measure where you are in the search engines, we also measure the number of people visiting your website and how many have converted into an enquiry or lead for your business.

Every single month, included in your SEO plan, you will receive a report that tells you:

  • The work that we’ve done within your budget
  • Where you are for your search phrases
  • How many people have visited the website and where they came from
  • How many calls and email enquiries you’ve had

Ongoing Support

Every SEO customer gets a dedicated account manager who will be available for quarterly review meetings and on the phone to explain how your website is performing and what we can do to take it further.

They’ll work hand in hand with your dedicated consultant to decide strategy and to ensure that works are completed when we say they will be. We’ve found that working this way helps to build a strong relationship with our customers that’s built on trust.

Every quarter, we’ll discuss where you were in the previous quarter vs. now and we’ll use several KPIs (key performance indicators) to measure this. We’ll also recommend new avenues to explore that we feel will prove fruitful for your company.

The ethos of constant progression allows you to see substantial growth in your online presence and we relish the challenge of delivering on this.

Call us on 0115 971 8908 today and one of our staff will be happy to look over your website while you’re on the phone and tell you how we’d improve it from an SEO perspective.

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