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Working alongside your team to grow your search presence

SEO Consultancy service for growing brands

Working with your team to add direction

SEO Consultancy with clear outcomes

The idea of SEO consultancy is to have a relationship where your dedicated consultant can provide actionable recommendations to your marketing team and provide a sounding board for any ideas your team has. We find this works really well for progressive brands that have the staff to implement our recommendations quickly.

Your dedicated SEO consultant will help your team craft a winning search strategy in the early stages after finding out which metrics you’re trying to improve. They’ll then check in regularly with your team to provide insight on what they’re doing and any new ideas they’ve had. As well as providing the help and guidance, your SEO consultant will create recommendations and experiments to run on your website to improve in key areas that your team can then implement.

We find this relationship works really well as it provides a fresh pair of eyes on your organic strategy.

The nice thing about choosing Imaginaire for SEO consultancy is that we also have the ability to complete the implementation work if required, so if your team hits a bottle neck, we can take over for as long as you need us for.

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Making our services work for you

Types of SEO consultancy we offer

One Off Some advice and strategy to give your team initial momentum

Semi-Regular Our input a couple of times a year, to keep you on track

Regular A monthly or quarterly arrangement that keeps you accountable and produces real results

Why Imaginaire?


We’ve been in love with SEO since 2014 and our team is made up of incredibly knowledgable staff.

Track Record

We’ve worked with lots of clients over the years and have a great track record of success with SEO.

Simple Pricing

A simple price for our consultancy services, based on the time you need us for.


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