The Office Design company is part of the wider ACI group who deal with commercial interiors for clients across the UK and particularly in the Midlands. They wanted a website that would show off all of their work to potential clients and draw in new business through digital marketing.

We built a bespoke website with powerful back-end features to allow them to quickly and easily load new projects onto the site.

conversion and search engine optimised

We were first taken on by ACI in early 2015 to handle their search engine optimisation and digital marketing needs. They knew the power of digital marketing and wanted to put themselves in front of customers when they searched for one of their commercial interior services.

After steady growth, ACI took the decision from a marketing perspective to break down what they do and to focus on the key areas of their business with different sister companies. That is why The Office Design Company was formed and we were asked to build a website for it that would keep with the ACI brand, but allow them to show off their office design work.

They’ve worked with some huge clients, so we wanted to show this off to potential customers landing on the website from the search engines. We’ve found across all of our websites that this builds credibility and really helps with converting website visitors into viable enquiries for the business.

We had a huge range of high-res images to work with from their previous projects which was fantastic and we used large image sections to show these off effectively.

case studies, case studies and more case studies

From an early stage, we knew that the users of the website would enjoy the ability to see the projects they had done in detail and to have the ability to filter these by the project type. This meant that somebody looking for an office fit out wouldn’t have to waste time clicking on projects that were about industrial partitions.

This also helped ACI’s sales department enormously when they were actually in front of potential customers; the filtering ability allowed them to easily load the projects that were in line with what the prospect wanted.

When it came to individual case studies, we allowed for a scope of works, description of the project and gallery of images for each project. We also offered the ability to download a PDF of the case study which was ideal for members of staff within companies that needed to liaise with other staff members before making a decision.

We also used the system to allow for a vast image gallery and videos of projects.

search engine optimisation and digital marketing

As with the majority of our new clients, we were asked to look at the website and also the digital marketing strategy for The Office Design Company.

After researching the market carefully, we saw that there were good opportunities on both a local and a national scale when it came to what users were searching for.

The website was completely new and launched in November, since that point, we have The Office Design Company ranking for over 115 competitive search phrases including 18 phrases ranked in positions 1-3 and a further 35 ranked 4-10.

This has led to decent increases in website visitors for the website and also in terms of new business enquiries for the company.

The next stage is to grow the website traffic by continually building the authority of the website to allow us to rank for national search phrases which receive a lot of searches every month. This is a very competitive industry and it’s thanks to the hard work of our staff that we’ve seen such impressive progress in a relatively short period of time.

We’ve also implemented a remarketing campaign with this account which will show an advert to any users that have visited the website over the last month. This results in a lot of repeat visits and, as a consequence, reminds users about the company.

Imaginaire have worked really well for us and I would be happy to recommend them. They are very responsive to new requests and always come up with some great ideas to work through. Many thanks – keep up the good work.

Roy Thompson, Director

Advanced Commercial Interiors

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