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Ecommerce design & build for blood testing provider

Explore My Health

The brief

Creating an ecommerce store, mobile app and seamless integration with lab providers

Explore My Health came to us with a new business concept: to provide blood testing as an online service, allowing their patients to better understand their health.

They offer a range of tests, including general health tests, heart health tests, and male and female hormone tests, so they needed a platform to help them sell these.

Alongside an ecommerce site, they needed a mobile app that patients could download to see their initial results and keep track of their results in the future to see if lifestyle changes had a positive impact. A robust backend was also required to automatically retrieve results from two lab providers in the healthcare-specific HL7 format and process these securely.

  • Build a Woocommerce ecommerce store to provide the front end for the business
  • Build a backend system to send test requests to multiple providers by integrating with the front end website
  • Build a backend system to retrieve test results and allow doctors to get in and comment on them, before releasing them to a patient
  • Build a mobile app using react native, allowing patients to see their recent tests and results

The backend system

The system underpinning the website and business as a whole was highly complex. We chose Laravel as the programming language of choice thanks to its robust ability to handle mass amounts of data if the business reached scale.

In essence, the role of the backend system was to:

  • Receive order details from the front end website when an order was placed
  • Convert these order details to HL7 format, detect which lab provider they should be sent to and then place them in the labs secure cloud storage (AWS or Azure)
  • Check the lab’s secure storage regularly for new test results (held in HL7 format)
  • Process the test results and check the patient’s result against given ranges to see whether the biomarker was low, healthy or high
  • Allow for the doctors to log in and view test results when they are ready and then make comments on them and, ultimately, release the test result to the patient via the app

The satisfying thing with the backend system is that it handles a huge amount of admin work in a completely automated fashion, meaning Explore My Health can grow without having to increase administrative staff.

We also built in quality of life features to the app so that admin staff could log in and view processed tests and check they had been processed successfully. This includes showing the HL7 response we received and then logging how the application processed this data. This enables them to troubleshoot easily and revert back to the labs if they have sent something in the wrong format.

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