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The Best Tools To Track Your PPC Campaign

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As with every marketing technique you use, unless you closely monitor your campaigns and their overall results, it’s impossible to calculate your return on investment. 

PPC (pay-per-click) is no exception since it is easy to spend money that drives clicks but no conversions unless you put in the effort to optimise and track your campaigns.

When you hire a PPC agency such as Imaginaire, monitoring the progress of your campaigns is all part of the service. Here are some of the top platforms we use to ensure your campaigns are working their magic. 

Google Ads

Google is known for its powerful range of analytics tools across various areas of marketing, and Google Ads is one such tool to know.

Since Google Ads is a PPC platform, it makes sense to track campaigns within the same ecosystem so that adjustments to campaigns can easily be made.

Alongside tracking key metrics within Google Ads, there are extensive ways to plan PPC ads to exclude irrelevant audiences and really hone in on your target demographic.

The ability to track PPC campaigns spans all campaign types, making it easy to manage large budgets or multiple advertisements at once. 

Social Media Platform Analytics

When launching PPC campaigns through Facebook Ads Manager or LinkedIn Campaign Manager, it’s also possible to manage the campaigns through these platforms directly.

Similar to Google Ads, optimising campaigns directly on your chosen social media platform offers several advantages.

On LinkedIn for example, the platform is geared towards reaching professionals and decision-makers. If this happens to be the target of your PPC campaign, setting up and tracking your ads through the same tool is the best way to align your goals.

The data provided by the platform is also more likely to be trustworthy. In contrast, when using external tools, sometimes the data can conflict with other datasets. So it’s always valuable to be able to track the likes of clicks and engagements directly with the platform where your PPC ads exist.


This final one may surprise you, especially as Ahrefs is an SEO tool!

However, Ahrefs does offer functionality to track various PPC metrics. Crucially, tracking PPC campaigns through Ahrefs allows you to monitor the performance of both your paid and organic strategies simultaneously. 

Another reason why SEO software is useful for PPC is due to the ability to perform keyword research, and also take the time to understand user search intent.

Although PPC works differently from SEO, the way users search for content online has many similarities. Therefore, you can use the information to ensure your campaigns are optimised with the most advantageous words and phrases. 

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