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Bring Me Drink

An ecommerce website for a new brand looking to shake up the national drinks delivery sector.

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The brief

We were contacted by Hyperama PLC, an established wholesaler, to build an ecommerce website that would allow them to start selling direct to consumers. As well as looking good across devices, the priority was to build an underlying system that worked quickly and efficiently that also integrated with their back-office ERP system to pull live stock updates.

After using Magento for past projects, they wanted a platform that allowed them easier access to edit content and run promotions. We recommended Woocommerce as a solution to this.


“Having worked with a lot of different E-Commerce/Web agencies in the past, we’ve found that Imaginaire are able to cover all areas with a level of expertise and knowledge that comes from genuine enthusiasm, ability and experience. From a technical view point, they can clearly stand by the numerous custom coding and bespoke plugins that they develop. From a marketing angle, they not only understand the basics of what’s required to help a Website to grow successfully, but they are also able to identify genuinely original ideas. Lastly, I’d say that they certainly stand out in terms of their ability to build a Brand identity, and the in-house design skills are excellent (this is often a big let down with more technically able agencies). Overall they deliver on time, to a high standard and are very amenable to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone outside of our competitors!”

James Lewin, Hyperama PLC (Bring Me Drink)

The Key Information

PPC display ad network



UI/UX Design

Ecommerce Development




16 weeks


After an in-depth discovery meeting with the client, we saw a gap in the drinks market for a playful brand rather than the typical, conservative brands that were already out there.

We opted for a rounded font (Nunito) and decided to have 3 key contrasting colours — a red, orange and blue.

The logo was deliberately kept very simple, we wanted to keep it on one line so that when used on their website, the mobile header area was minimal and didn’t get in the way of their products.

The Website

The website had a few clear priorities to appeal to the mass market:

  1. It needed to have a seamless mobile experience
  2. It needed to load quickly across all areas
  3. We needed to pull product data and stock levels directly from their ERP system to minimise unnecessary administrative work

The website is responsive, but we veered away from the usual “design for desktop first, then strip away components as the devices get smaller” and opted for a mobile-first design methodology.

As well as spending a good amount of time in the design stage, we focused heavily on technical aspects such as only loading images when they came into view (lazy loading), not using larger images than necessary and combining and minifying stylesheets and scripts. We also implemented browser caching so that when a user revisits the website, it loads almost instantaneously.

By operating in this fashion, the website looks and works like a mobile app and there are no delays adding friction to the customer journey.

There is also a 2-way integration with their ERP system which allows the website to receive product information and pricing as soon as it’s changed in their back office system. We are also able to pull stock levels in this way, meaning that the chances of the website selling something that is out of stock are minimised.

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