Dubai Property For Sale

Our award winning project, Dubai Property For Sale focused on providing all of the information a potential investor could need.

What they needed

A website that had a premium feel and that made it easy for customers to browse their latest development projects.

They wanted to create a brand that incorporated the mystery of the gulf and that emphasised the luxury of their service and the developments they worked on.

The developments that Dubai Property For Sale work on are beautiful, so they wanted the ability to show off the premium imagery surrounding them with a system that’s easy to keep updated.

Our approach

We chose a slightly quirky font that we felt matched the gulf style. We wanted to conjure connotations of the luxury surrounding the Emirati and the gulf as a region.

When it came to the website, we didn’t want to be aggressively selling, we wanted to create a projects system that built desire through good quality imagery and videos.

As a final touch, we implemented subtle animations throughout the site, some of which can be seen in the video below.


As well as targeting traffic through search, Dubai Property For Sale stated their intention to create a lot of PR and Social Media buzz. The majority of social and PR generated traffic would be finding their way straight to the homepage, so it was pivotal to ensure this covered all bases.

We discussed the need for the homepage to do the following:

  • Wow potential customers with a slick, modern look
  • Advertise key developments and demonstrate the size of their brokerage by listing multiple developments
  • Provide an easy way for potential customers to convert

We were happy to achieve all three.

Beautiful landing pages for key developments

The property market in Dubai is buoyant, and the number of new skyscrapers being built is staggering. It feels like there is a new development launch pretty much weekly, so Dubai Property For Sale needed an easy way to advertise these listings.

We built a custom system that allowed them to turn each development into a dedicated landing page that looked fantastic and was conversion optimised.

The benefit of working in this way is that it allows them to quickly gain a first-mover advantage on new developments and to ride the wave of the advertising carried out by developers when it comes to their SEO strategy.

We’ve been impressed by Imaginaire Digital so far. They’ve taken our very primitive ideas around our target audience and built a brand that communicates with them. The website is easy to use and they’re very quick to implement changes.

Dubai Property For Sale