Dubai Property

How we helped the Dubai Property Group with branding and web design for their startup.

The Challenge.

We were approached by Dubai Property For Sale to help them with their initial branding and website design. They had spotted that many of the real estate companies in Dubai were behind the times when it came to design and digital marketing.

The client gave us complete creative freedom and asked us to come up with a standout brand that wasn’t the usual black and gold that is seen across the luxury real estate market.

We wanted to make it easy for them to create their own simple landing pages on the fly, to fit with the fast-paced off-plan real estate market. We’ve achieved this, allowing them to create landing pages such as this for Address Harbour Point with no prior web design experience.

The Solution.

After we spent time with the client discussing their target market, one niche stood out. Successful Millennials.

Typically, the client said that their target market worked in the technology industry and that they were generally cash rich, but time poor. Hence the need for their brokerage services.

We came up with a tech-themed branding style and a website that utilised animations and high-res images to stand out.


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