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Digital Strategies by Imaginaire

Building a consistent pipeline for commercial designers, Inspired Washrooms

The strategy

How we helped Inspired Washrooms to build a consistent pipeline for their high project value business

Inspired Washrooms were a startup when they first came to us. They had a few projects in the pipeline that they’d generated from their existing network, but they were concerned about where the projects would come from once their network had been exhausted.

They’d also worked at a business previously that suffered with the feast and famine issue that is common amongst construction firms. Their brief for us was simple, develop a consistent flow of new business opportunities through organic and paid search using our web design, SEO and PPC services.

  • Implement a robust SEO strategy, focusing on on-page optimisation
  • Harnessing Google Ads
  • Building out supporting content for main areas of focus and services
  • Optimised web design for desktop and mobile

The strategy

Long-term solutions of running SEO alongside PPC

We implemented a targeted Google Ads campaign, carefully selecting relevant keywords and optimising ad copy to attract potential clients seeking washroom solutions. We focused heavily on making sure we were clearly advertising the USPs of Inspired Washrooms to increase click through rate and that we were sending them through to conversion optimised landing pages.

By monitoring the campaign’s performance and fine-tuning it regularly, we ensured the ads reached the right audience, ultimately driving more traffic and increasing lead generation.


  • Focused on advertising the USPs of Inspired Washrooms
  • Driving more traffic and increasing lead generation through ad campaigns
  • Produced quality content e.g. blog articles and case studies
  • Implented a link building strategy to build authority

SEO strategy to build relevance and improve rankings

We also designed and implemented a robust SEO strategy, focusing on on-page optimisation, quality content creation, and strategic link building.

From a links perspective, we mainly focused on journalist responses, niche specific directories and leveraging relationships with Inspired Washroom’s suppliers to get their case studies featured on the supplier websites.

For content, we worked on building out blog articles that answered questions that users were asking Google, as well as covering other longer tail searches. This led to the site having much more relevance with the added benefit of ranking for some really specific questions that helped with brand awareness.

People working on laptops
Organic traffic and online growth

Digital Strategy Results

By monitoring the campaign’s performance and fine-tuning it regularly, we managed to see improvements throughout a number of different avenues.

8k+ Sessions per year

Over 750 Leads per year

9.82% Conversion rate

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