Our Approach

Web Design

When it came to the website, we wanted to utilise their images as we felt those were what would do the selling for Worcester Architects. Although their customers are essentially buying their expertise and the drawings that help plan a home improvement project, the thing that the customer is most interested in is likely to be the end result.

We also wanted to build trust from an early stage, so we included a testimonial with a star rating and the accreditation logos held by Worcester Architects and we positioned this in an immediately visible part of the website.

After that, we wanted the website to be easy to navigate around, so services were clearly labelled and linked to and the contact details of Worcester Architects were always visible (this was to encourage people to make an enquiry).

Search Engine Optimisation

The first step was to ensure that Worcester Architects recovered from a penalty. After a bit of research we found that the previous agency had built what is called a content farm — a network of low quality websites that they linked to client websites from to try and sway Google. Unfortunately this didn’t work and instead had the opposite effect.

We had to go through all of these links manually and mark them as to be ignored using Google’s disavow tool. It took a long time for the effects to come through but once they did, we saw them jump to positions 1-3 for all phrases.

From there we had to just make sure the new website was built in a technically sound way and we continually look for natural ways to get other websites to link to Worcester Architects in order to boost the strength of their website and to keep them at the top.