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SEO for Advanced Commercial Interiors

The Brief

ACI first came to us in 2016 having become disillusioned with the agency they were using and after seeing many of their keywords dropping.

One of the first things that was surfaced during our initial audits was the fact that a lot of the links that the previous agency had built were of a very low quality and the original website had a lot of keyword stuffing and duplicate content issues.

Our first objective was to recover the lost traffic they had experienced and our second was to then grow the account over the long term.

Recovering From Google Penalties

After our auditing and seeing how the keywords across the account had dropped so significantly in line with the dates of key Google updates such as Penguin and Panda, it became obvious that ACI had suffered from multiple Google Penalties.

Poor quality link profile

There had been lots of low quality, spammy links built in the past which meant that the good links were being weighed down by the bad. Our immediate priority was to audit the link profile and request removal of spammy links and, failing that, disavowing them.

We coupled this strategy with starting to acquire good quality links through things like business directories, digital PR and by making use of their relationships with key suppliers.

Low quality content

The original website had lots of keyword stuffing issues, including lists of exact match keywords at the bottom of each page, something Google frowns upon. As well as this, they had a lot of duplicate content on the website.

We created a comprehensive task list of things to fix and got to work with these alongside our linkbuilding work.

Rankings over time
(including traffic loss in 2016)

Growing Traffic

Once we had helped the website recover from the various Google penalties, we wanted to grow the traffic to all-time-high levels.


Our linkbuilding strategy was specific and focused on processes that could be repeated, rather than having links being acquired in fits and starts. We had a strategy made up of business and industry specific directory listings, digital PR, contacting their existing suppliers and publicising their projects and getting them featured on key websites such as Office Snapshots.

By executing on this strategy, we were able to consistently acquire new links that were relevant to ACI's industry, helping them command number 1 spots for all of their target terms across Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

Content Production

As well as carrying out the technical fixes and linkbuilding work, we wanted to expand the top of the funnel traffic that ACI receive (i.e. people not ready to buy yet, but were in the research phase). To do this, we implemented a quarterly content plan and started producing multiple blog articles each month to answer key questions that their audience were asking Google.

As well as the benefit of getting the brand in front of people before they start looking for suppliers, this strategy also helps build topical relevance to help the service related search terms.

Traffic Growth