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What Goes Into Your Free SEO Audit?

One of our SEO experts will go through your website with a fine-tooth comb and record their findings in a handy video for you. We’ll look at your website methodically, highlighting any areas of weakness that we feel can be improved to help you rank better.

Here’s what goes into your SEO audit…



We’ll look at what your potential customers are typing into search, how often those phrases are searched for and whether you currently rank for them.

The result? You get an understanding of your market and can see which keywords to focus your efforts on.

Website Structure

We’ll look at how your website is structured and whether that makes sense for SEO. Our expert will look at whether your website is optimised effectively.

The result? Any areas of weakness are pinpointed, allowing you to dedicate time to fixing them.


We’ll look at whether other websites are linking to you and whether they’re relevant to your business — this is a key signal to the search engines as to whether you’re trustworthy.

The result? An understanding of how to improve this element of your search strategy.


We’ll take a look at the technical quality of your website including loading speeds, whether it looks good on different devices and whether it’s easy to use.

The result? A digestible understanding of areas to improve on to keep more customers on your website.


Once we’re done with your audit, we’ll give you a clear list of actions to complete along with an idea of how much it would cost for us to complete them for you.

You get a clear understanding of the budget you’ll need to compete in search.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! The free audit is a sales tool for us, it puts us in touch with people that are looking for an SEO provider.

That being said, there’s no pressure and we hope that the free audit is a useful exercise in itself. All we’d ask is that, if it was helpful for you, you leave us a review to help us out.

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