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Beginners Guide To Programmatic SEO

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If you’ve ever been on a website such as Rightmove or Tripadvisor, then you’ve probably seen programmatic SEO in action without even realising it. 

When creating a website with a large number of pages, especially location-based pages, it’s not always feasible to manually create each page from scratch. Programmatic SEO is a handy way to generate the content needed without having to employ someone to write, edit and upload thousands of individual pages. 

It’s fair to say that programmatic SEO and its nuances are an advanced SEO topic. So in today’s post, we will be covering the basics aimed at beginners. 

However, if you are in search of programmatic SEO services for your website, you can also contact our SEO experts to discuss your needs in further detail. 

What Is Programmatic SEO?

programmatic seo examples

Programmatic SEO involves creating a template of a landing page and using automated tools to replicate that landing page a large number of times. Each individual page will target different keywords, yet will feature the same structure in terms of headings, images, pricing or reviews.

Also known as pSEO, programmatic SEO is all about scaling a website with ease, so that it can serve different keywords that are related to each other without having to manually create each page from scratch.

For instance, if you search for “best restaurants in [location]” – programmatic SEO could be used to generate results for every possible location. Automation tools would be used to provide the data so that all required datasets would be covered. 

Two terms to know in programmatic SEO include head term and modifier. 

Based on our above example, “best restaurants” would be the head term, and then the “location” would be the modifier. Including different modifiers allows the head term to cover all related possibilities.

Hence, when you search for things to do in your town on Tripadvisor, the results are automatically generated. The same formula can be replicated for any similar website that needs to offer results for multiple possibilities or locations. 

How Is Programmatic SEO Different From Regular SEO?

Both SEO and programmatic SEO work to increase search engine visibility. However, each technique offers something different in terms of how the results are achieved.

In general, regular SEO requires a long-term effort to build quality content, user experience, domain authority and backlinks. It is best suited to targeting high quality keywords, including where there is a lot of competition for those keywords.

Programmatic SEO is about creating shorter content through an automated process. Landing pages are centred around very specific keywords and often target keywords with a low keyword difficulty score. Each landing page follows an identical format, with modifications to the main keyword (i.e. to cover the same service but in different locations). 

Programmatic SEO Benefits

The ability to scale a website with ease is the main benefit of programmatic SEO, especially if the website needs to cover a vast number of locations. As a result, programmatic SEO can save businesses time, money and effort compared with manual content creation techniques. Programmatic SEO can also be used to gain topical authority, especially when targeting keywords with low keyword difficulties. 

Programmatic SEO Considerations 

Programmatic SEO isn’t the right fit for every website. In particular, its success relies on having prior experience in programmatic SEO techniques along with the quality of the datasets. By generating content at scale, it’s also easy to make oversights which can result in a poor user experience. Therefore, programmatic SEO is something that should only be attempted by those who can carefully guide the process.

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