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How To Run An Ecommerce Website Audit

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When was the last time you audited your ecommerce website?

Turn that long pause into impactful action by having the experts here at Imaginaire perform an ecommerce website for your online store.

Ensuring that every penny of your marketing budget goes to best use, ecommerce website audits offer a complete health check of your website. Without them, it’s impossible to know how to grow your business, especially if you rely on selling your products online.

We can offer you personalised advice when you get in touch with our team. But for now, here is some more information on ecommerce website audits, along with how we can use them to create a laser-sharp strategy for your business. 

How To Run An Ecommerce Website Audit

What Is An Ecommerce Website Audit?

An ecommerce website audit is essentially the equivalent of taking your car into a garage for its MOT but for your website.

It involves experts in web design, web development and digital marketing taking an objective and close look at your website. From there, every aspect that can affect conversions will be scrutinised to see what’s working, and most importantly what’s not.

A report will outline anything that is a cause for concern, or is simply not hitting its potential. A plan can then be put in place to fix any issues so that your ecommerce website can continue to grow and succeed. 

Why Should You Perform A Website Audit?

No business owner can do it all alone. When it comes to ecommerce websites, specialist skills are needed to build, maintain and improve them. Such work also needs to be carried out very regularly. 

By performing an ecommerce website audit, you can best understand how your website is performing and identify where improvements are needed. The better the experience your website provides and the more visible it is on search engines, the more likely it is your sales will increase. Therefore, ecommerce website audits are one of the best ways to get ahead. 

Ecommerce Website Audits: What’s Involved?

In short, a lot! But we’ll cover some of the most important aspects so that you can understand what an ecommerce website audit will look for generally.

What’s important to remember is that every ecommerce website is different from another. This isn’t just in terms of what it sells or who its customers are, but also how the website is built. Therefore, the audit must take a tailored approach to identify any issues that are creating barriers within the sales journey.

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Website Performance Analysis

The technical performance of every website matters. But with an ecommerce website, it’s even more important that your customers perceive your website to be secure and fully operational. 

In essence, pages that show security warnings, are slow to load to or have broken elements just won’t do. An ecommerce website audit can identify these types of issues, plus delve much deeper to find any functional problems in terms of how your website operates.

User Experience (UX Analysis)

Your customers expect a seamless journey from the product page to the checkout. They also want to be able to navigate your website with ease and find out extra information about the product where necessary. 

What often sets ecommerce websites apart in this regard is the user experience. By conducting a website audit, you can give shoppers that same high-end feel of major retailers, just by ensuring your website focuses on the wants and needs of users. This includes providing a great browsing experience regardless of the device they are using.

Conversion Rate Analysis

According to Shopify, ecommerce websites have an average conversion rate of between 2.5% and 3%.

In other words, for every 100 people who land on your website, you can expect 2 to 3 people to make a purchase.

Industry averages aside, every ecommerce website should take its conversion rate seriously since there is always room for improvement. 

An ecommerce website audit can help identify bottlenecks within the sales journey, plus look at all other related aspects that could be hindering your conversion rate. Therefore, we’re not just looking at the facts but the reasons why. This allows us to implement exactly the right fix instead of relying on guesswork.

SEO Audit

SEO audits can exist as a separate entity or can be combined as part of a wider ecommerce website audit. 

An SEO audit analyses the on-page, off-page and technical SEO aspects of a website. For ecommerce websites, this will involve understanding if the traffic offers relevancy to the products being sold. Plus, whether the user experience is encouraging users to stay on the page and purchase or not.

Each individual product needs to be correctly optimised for SEO. This requires SEO-friendly product titles, product descriptions, images and metadata. The audit can be used to identify if the data could be better optimised or is missing. If so, correcting any issues can result in higher amounts of traffic that is also more relevant to what customers are searching for. 

Imaginaire – Get An Ecommerce Website Audit From Our Experts

In truth, we’re only just scratching the surface in terms of what’s involved with an ecommerce website audit. That’s because if done well, an ecommerce website audit should take an intrinsic look at your website to uncover and remedy every aspect that needs improvement. 

We’d be happy to tell you more if you book in for a free website review with our experts.

Based in Nottingham, we work with businesses from the UK. Crucially, we are ecommerce web design and development experts. 

Having helped businesses from various sectors succeed online, we are best positioned to audit your ecommerce website and implement any necessary improvements with its functionality, design or content.

Head over to our ecommerce page to learn more. Or give us a call on 0115 697 1221 to speak to our team.

Rachael is a content executive with Imaginaire. With hands-on experience with all things marketing, she has the knowledge and know-how to explain and advise almost any topic you can think of!

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