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Websites for businesses that get the phone ringing

Business Web Design for ambitious companies

After building hundreds of business websites, we know what works

Why choose an Imaginaire website for your business?

Your website is the first impression your potential customers will get of your business, our websites help you put your best foot forward.

We specialise in helping businesses that want to showcase the services they offer and emphasise their value proposition online to help them land new business.

Our team will design you a website to be proud of, with all of the ingredients needed to make it a success when it comes to marketing after it goes live.

Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to explain our process and give you an idea of the budget needed for the best website in your industry.

How we work

The world has changed, and so has our agency. We’ve gone from working full-time from an office, to working with a hybrid model of 3 days in the office, 2 days from home.

You’ll always be able to contact us and we’re committed to keeping an office space (we actually bought the building that we’re in in 2022 as part of that commitment).

A lot of companies aren’t being transparent about their working practices, but we feel it’s important when you’re deciding who to partner with. If you’re interested in a career in web development, have a look through our careers guide or get in touch with us.

The HQ of Nottingham Web Design Agency, Imaginaire

Our approach

We’ve been building websites for over 8 years, rising to become one of Nottingham’s leading agencies.

In that time, we’ve developed a proven process that helps us build you a great looking website.

The early part of a web design project is dedicated to understanding your business.

We have a discovery questionnaire, which your project manager will help you to complete so that we can find out what’s important to your business and what should be emphasised on your website.

Once we’ve got an understanding of your business, we create detailed mockup designs and prototypes to show you how we think your website should look.

It’s a collaborative process, but we’ll weigh in with our expertise to help you build something that really stands out.

When you’ve signed off on your designs, our in-house web development team will build your website in line with the initial scope discussed at quotation stage.

The website will be thoroughly tested to ensure it meets our quality standards of being fast, working seamlessly across devices and being SEO friendly.

We hope that you will have enjoyed working with us through your project and that’s reflected in the large take up rate of our clients that have a website from us and then go on to have monthly marketing services to help them win new business online.

Our team of experts is on hand to craft a digital strategy covering organic search (SEO), paid search (PPC), social media and email marketing. We aim to be your marketing partner, helping you grow fast with your new website.

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