Google Shopping, whilst still relatively new to the market, is swiftly becoming the channel of choice for ecommerce businesses that want to display their products, whatever they may be, directly on the Google search results. You might have noticed recently that if you were to search ‘Leather Jacket’ into Google, rather than clicking on a website and then browsing their range of jackets, you will now get results listed directly in Google.

Conversion rates on Google Shopping ads are typically very strong, mainly because it takes away the hassle of looking for a website and then trying to find an item, now you can browse items directly in Google.

Our Google Shopping Approach

As you know, your paid advertising investment needs to deliver the best possible return on investment. We can do that, but we don’t just stop when we have reached an agreeable figure, we will constantly work to increase your ROI and increase volume.

We will help you link your ecommerce store to the Google Merchant Centre to provide automated advertising for your product list. Our team will also help your campaign by optimising bids based on industry research, targeting the correct customers for your products and continually improving the way your listing is displayed on G0ogle to help drive the best ROI possible for your campaign.

We Focus On Your Profits and Results

Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your profit margins, stock levels and everything that makes your ecommerce business tick. This allows our team to intelligently apply budget and focus on delivering the best possible return on your investment.