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We're a Google Shopping agency that works in the interests of our clients.

Proud of not being a Google Partner. We think the role of an agency is to make decisions that save you money, not that line Google's pockets.

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Helping clients sell more since 2014

We're a Google Shopping agency that does things a little differently...

Most Google Shopping agencies shout about the fact they're a Google Partner and how that gives them the upper hand with ads, it doesn't. Unfortunately, to be a Google Partner agency now, you have to blindly implement all of the recommendations that Google give you. A lot of these don't make sense and actually end up spending more budget without necessarily improving the result, which doesn't feel right to us.

For that reason, we decided to delete our Partner badge and decide to shout about that instead. We act in your interests and want to help your account grow by spending smart, not spending more.

We don't charge a percentage of your budget with Google, we feel this incentivises agencies to get you to spend more. Instead, we charge a simple monthly fee based on the effort that we think your account will require.

Our Google Shopping experts will hand craft a strategy for your business, then implement it and use our proprietary tools and software to incrementally improve your account and make sure it's delivering the maximum bang for its buck.

Why choose Imaginaire for your shopping campaign?


We use our experience as well as proprietary software to maximise the efficiency of your shopping account

Results based

The nice thing with an ecommerce is that we can track your shopping campaign back to the revenue it creates

Dedicated team

You get a dedicated executive who will be there to work on your account and communicate proactively

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