Local SEO campaigns for clients across Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

build a presence in your local area with SEO and generate new business

Dubai Property

How we helped the Dubai Property Group with branding and web design for their startup.

Bradford Distribution

How we helped a local logistics company drive their online presence forward.

Local SEO Services across Nottingham, Derby & Leicester

Put your business on the map and attract customers local to you with our Local SEO services

We help companies throughout Nottingham, Derby and Leicester to gain a foothold in their local area with our local SEO service.

Local SEO allows you to focus on your specific area when it comes to attracting new customers and helps you build a presence in your area.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a competitor who doesn’t offer a service that’s anywhere near as good as yours pipping you on the search engines. Our SEO service puts you in the drivers seat.

Every marketing customer gets a dedicated SEO consultant that will look at your website, research which phrases customers are most likely to type in on the search engines and then optimise for them. They’ll be responsible for driving the website forward and bringing in the traffic necessary to generate leads for your business.

We’ll also set up a Google Plus profile for you if necessary or claim your existing one and then manage this, so you don’t have to worry about it again.

As with all of our SEO services, our Local SEO service comes with easy to understand success measurement. Each month we’ll tell you where you are in the search engines, how many people have seen your website and how many people have gone on to call you or enquire by email.

You’ll get a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to talk your account through with you and offer suggestions for improving the performance of your account further.

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Why is a Local SEO campaign appealing?

people love dealing with local companies

It’s a well-known fact that most people when they’re searching online would prefer to use a local company to them, but if they don’t know you exist, how will they find you?

Local can mean a range of things, from a specific town within a city, to a whole city or county, it really depends. Usually we work with customers that are looking to develop a presence in their city. Once that campaign is working successfully, we’ll recommend that we spread the campaign out to other areas close to the city — this allows you to bring in new business from a wider area.

If you can get in front of people when they’re searching for a service like yours and they’re local to you, the majority will convert into enquiries and that’s what we focus on at Imaginaire — generating enquiries for your business.


less competitive which can mean quicker results

Generally, a local SEO campaign will see less competition than a campaign running for national terms. It’s simple maths, there will be less companies providing the same services as you in your city than there would nationally. What this means is that you aren’t competing with as many big brands that have invested tens of thousands per month in an SEO campaign over the years.

Because of the lower competition, you’ll often see results in a faster time frame than you would if you were implementing a national SEO campaign.

if you’re looking to see how local SEO could help your business, use our project planner to get in touch with us

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