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We're a UK Based Wordpress Agency that builds fast, secure, SEO friendly websites that look incredible.

Start building a Wordpress website with the wow factor with Imaginaire.

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Working with Wordpress since 2014

We're a Wordpress development that helps you be creative with your website

Wordpress developers can be a funny bunch and a lot of them focus on just building your website with an off-the-shelf theme, bish bash bosh. We don't do that. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf themes tend to be a bit limited in what you can achieve with them because they're trying to cover the needs of a load of different business types.

We prefer a more customised solution, moulding your website around your needs and helping you plan out the whole website so that it's easy for your customers to use as well as looking great.

You'll benefit from our in-house team, who will be the friendly faces that you see whenever you need anything. We don't just build websites then disappear, most of our clients have retainer agreements with us so that whenever they need anything, it can be implemented quickly.

We offer a range of Wordpress development services, from full website design and builds, to Woocommerce stores and even custom plugins to add new features to an existing website.

Why we're the best Wordpress agency

Clear pricing

When you ask us for a quote, we'll provide it in simple terms and with a fixed price. No messing around with telling you it's one price and then charging you a different price.

In-house team

You can speak to the designers and developers working on your website, meaning communication is streamlined and you can tell the people doing the work exactly what you need them to do.

Wordpress Savvy

We've been working with Wordpress since 2014 and have become experts in Wordpress development in that time. If you need something crazy, the chances are we can build it for you.


We offer SLAs for response times, meaning you're not left waiting around forever when you email us. We also suggest new features proactively that we think will make your website better.

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