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Get A Technical SEO Audit for just £750 + VAT

For brands that want a fresh pair of eyes on their SEO campaign. We'll give you a series of recommendations and experiments to run to improve your search performance.

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Climbing the search ladder since 2014

How can a technical SEO audit help you?

Most of the time, when we're asked to complete an SEO audit, it's by a brand that has a marketing team in place that's coming up against a stubborn challenge. A thorough technical audit by one of our experts casts a fresh pair of eyes on the problem and surfaces any fixes that are likely to help.

Our technical audits are carried out manually, with the help of tools and automations. We believe in the benefits of manually going through a website to find issues rather than just running it through a tool and sending the report that spits out.

We tend to focus on four things when we provide a technical audit:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Competitor analysis of key SEO factors
  • A series of recommendations to implement (prioritised by potential impact)
  • A list of experiments to run in order to test different theories

This scientific approach helps eliminate the natural bias that we all have when it comes to SEO and makes decisions become more binary.

Why choose Imaginaire for your technical SEO audit?

Track record

We've worked on SEO campaigns since 2014 and have seen search evolve in that time. We've had some great success stories, teaching us lots which can be applied to your website.

Simple pricing

We charge a fixed price of £750 + VAT and give you clear deliverables: a prioritised list of recommendations to implement and some experiments to run to improve performance.


You've probably had audits carried out before that throw a load of jargon your way, without telling you what to actually do. We provide actionable task and experiment lists.


As well as providing your report and action list, we're happy to talk you through the recommendations and findings so that we can explain anything you're unclear of.

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