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A new website for leading car comparison website, Jamjar. We were responsible for building a new user interface for them which made more use of their high visitor numbers.


8 weeks



The Brief

We were required to build a new website which was fast, SEO friendly and that made it easy for a customer to get a valuation for their car in seconds. We integrated the customer-facing website with the comparison engine, allowing a seamless experience.


Website Designs

Website Build


Mobile first

With over 10,000 people visiting the website from mobile devices each month, we built the website by prioritising mobile devices. The website needed to not only look great on mobile, but also be image light so that it would load incredibly fast, even for users browsing via 3G.

The website was delivered with a Google Mobile Pagespeed of 96/100 and blazingly fast perceived load times.

A simple UI that focuses on the call to action

A focus on SEO

SEO drives a tremendous amount of traffic for Jamjar and we've worked hard with their previous website to substantially grow this traffic. The new website needed to have a clear SEO Migration Plan in place and also needed to include the ability to create content that would help it continue to grow organic traffic.

We implemented an easy-to-add-to guidance area for the different types of valuation they offer (i.e. selling a car, scrapping a car, selling a van etc) which helps to build out that topic in detail, helping the SEO traffic along the way.

Guidance Area