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An ecommerce for leading fabric wholesaler Litmans Fabrics


24 weeks



The Brief

Litmans Fabrics asked us to look at the possibility of redesigning and, most importantly, redeveloping their website in order to replatform away from Magento and onto Woocommerce after growing fed up with the complexities of making minor changes to their website.

The new website was a more aggressive push into selling online and needed the ability to offer different tiers of pricing for customers, meaning there needed to be a sign up flow for new accounts and an easy way to manage these and assign them to various price lists.


UX Design

Ecommerce Design & Build

Some very complex needs

Litmans sell their products across the world, meaning they needed the ability to offer multiple currencies and a lot of thought was given to the various shipping options that should be available.

Added to the need for multiple currencies, Litmans also operate different pricing tiers for customers, so we needed a way to categorise existing customers as well as new customers.

To complicate things further, some customers had credit limits with Litmans and could therefore order and pay via invoice, whereas other customers had to pay online to order.

Luckily we love a challenge 😂

Litmans needed the ability to change the homepage quickly and easily


Usability was a huge factor for this project, with Litmans customers ranging from the early 20s crowd, going right up to 70+ in some cases.

To make life easy, we used a mega menu that allowed customers to navigate to the product category they needed easily, as well as giving them the option to view all fabrics.

We also built the products listings to allow customers to easily combine filters to drill down to the products they want.

Mega Menu
Product listings with easy filtering options

A seamless experience

Litmans operate with around 15 different price lists across hundreds of products, presenting a challenge when it came to creating a seamless experience online.

We decided to create customer categories which we could then base the prices on and we created some functionality to enable Litmans to assign different prices to each product based on the price list the customer was a part of. For extra brownie points, we also made it so that Litmans could import all of these prices from a spreadsheet, making it easy to manage.

On the front end of the website, customers must log in and then the website will show the relevant prices for that customer.

This is great for new customers, but we also had to import their existing customers to encourage the move away from them just phoning the Litmans office to place orders.

New customers can sign up and will be then placed in a pending status until a member of the Litmans team categorises them and approves their account.

Sample Ordering

As well as being able to buy fabrics by the metre, Litmans also wanted to offer the ability to buy samples of their fabrics as this is a key part of the traditional sales cycle.

New customers can register online easily
Customers can order fabric by the metre, or order samples of products
Product page

We're delighted with our website and were impressed with Imaginaire's logical and methodical approach to some pretty complex functionality requirements.

The result is a website that customers are finding easy to use and overall, a great product that has helped us as a business.

Craig Sherwin, Managing Director, Litmans Fabrics

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